360 degree virtual tours

Here’s a preview of what I’ve been working on recently.

While working for Yachting Monthly and Motor Boats Monthly I pioneered 360 degree panoramic images. I shot them for all their new boat tests and built up quite a library of images as you can see here. However issues with their website content management system meant I could never really show them off to their full potential.

One of the advantages of going freelance is that I can invest in equipment, software and technology to provide my clients with a host of imaging solutions, be that photography, video, or interactive 360 virtual tours.

Below is an embedded 360 image of the Sirius 310DS, it’s not just a screen grab, it’s a working 360. It’s fully functioning with the frame even though it’s optimised to work at full window size. By clicking on the full screen button it can be viewed in it’s full glory the full size of your monitor.

Not only that, but 360 degree images used to just be encoded in Flash, this meant that every lover of Apple’s iPhone or iPad had to go without. No more! Although the screen on the iPhone is small, these can still be viewed full screen (although Apple have yet to make Safari work in full frame mode in the iPad). There is also the option to use the compass in the iPad/iPhone to display the image in a direction, face east and you’ll see what the camera saw to the east.

As you can see there is so much these 360 images can do; whether it’s pop out images or text boxes, galleries, or multi-floor tours of a motoryacht, house, factory, marina or boatyard. They can play video, animations music or voice overs, and can be as complex or as simple as the client requires.

I’ll be at the Dusseldorf Boat Show from 19th-21st January where this kit will be getting a lot of use.

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