Video is a powerful sales tool, if you’re not producing videos, you should be. Video doesn’t have to be broadcast quality or cost tens of thousands of pounds to be effective.

The videos I’ve produced work; they sell the product or service so you don’t have to. They opened new markets for my clients, increased sales and brought them customers they didn’t know existed. Many clients want to make adverts, but viewers don’t want adverts, they want to be informed and not sold to. 

Video is a fantastic tool, but only if the people watching it find it valuable.

How our videos helped Sirius Yachts

53 seconds – Torsten Schmidt, owner of Sirius Yachts, describes how video has helped to sell yachts worldwide
Graham Snook Photography makes a wide variety of videos, there are many examples on YouTube
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“Graham’s photography and videos are of the highest quality. He is extremely professional with a great understanding of our product and the marine business”

Paul Lees

Crusader Sails

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“The videos Graham produced for me are really professional quality and very well edited. Graham was quick and efficient with the filming and a pleasure to work with”

Matt Jordan

The Energy Coach

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“Graham’s videos have brought us new customers from all over the world”

Torsten Schmidt

Sirius Yachts

I can supply photography, 360-degree tours and video to promote your company and help you sell more