At sea at last

Well, this is it, after fourteen years and two months of waking up and being part of the good ship Yachting Monthly’s crew, I’m not any more. I’ve been given the opportunity to go off with my boat in search of distant shores. It’s not like I’ve been cast adrift with no supplies in the middle of nowhere. I know where I am, where I’m going and I have everything I need to get there.

My boat is proven and well found and has got me out of many a tricky situation in the past. I had to leave my sails behind, but new modern sails will be delivered shortly, and more sails than I had previously until then I have oars to get me going in the right direction. There is no breeze at the moment, but the forecast was promising before I set off, and besides with no sails, the wind would be wasted.

The first few days of any trip are always the hardest, there is only so much preparation one can do before slipping lines, and no matter how good the forecast there’s always the chance it could be wrong. Preparation can only get me so far though, the rest of it is down to me. I have no doubts about my ability, I know what I can do, and I wouldn’t have left a sturdy ship like Yachting Monthly if I didn’t think I could achieve what I hope I can.

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